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Gabonese Transitional President Calls for Lifting of Sanctions

Gabon’s transitional president Brice Oligui Nguema called for the lifting of sanctions against his country after the military takeover in August, in Oyo, the hometown of President of the Republic of the Congo Denis Sassou Nguesso, Sunday.

“I came here to consult, discuss, exchange with Denis Sassou Nguesso … to appease the sanctions,” said Oligui Nguema, after a meeting of more than two hours in Oyo with the Congolese president. “President Denis Sassou Nguesso is for us an important asset in the sub-region, who can transmit to the highest authorities in the world what we have done and better explain to the whole world.”

Gabon must “retake its place in the international community,” he concluded.

A transitional government was established in early September after the military announced the seizure of power in the country on Aug. 30, which led to the suspension of Gabon from the African Union and the Economic Community of Central African States.

Oligui Nguema has pledged a new Constitution, a new electoral code, and a reliable penal code through a referendum. He also committed to “returning power to civilians” and organizing “free” and “transparent” elections after the transition.

Source: Xinhua