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Iran and Zimbabwe Sign Pharmaceutical Cooperation

Zimbabwean Vice President Constantino Chiwenga said his party was very enthusiastic about welcoming cooperation with Iran. Moreover, Iran has produced 97 percent of its own medicines and has a myriad of sophisticated medical equipment.  “This medical device that we are looking at will make a huge difference to the healthcare system. Cancer is a challenge for Zimbabwe so this (Iran) cancer machine will be very useful,” Chiwenga said.He added, Zimbabwe is currently also interested in field hospitals whose proposals have been made by Iran. Later it can help Zimbabwe face its big disaster Responding to cooperation Today, Minister of Health and Medical Education of Iran Bahram Einollahi believes theirrelationship will be of great benefit to both countries in the future.

Iran and Zimbabwe Sign Pharmaceutical Cooperation

“Your country’s support on various platforms has shown that you are good friends. Good things are happening in our bilateral relations. The future prospects are very high,” he said.Einollahi also invited Zimbabwe to continue exploring all the untapped potentials of the two countries, to deepen ties and make their business profitable. 

Source: RMOL