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60 Kenyan Students Awarded Scholarships to Study in Russia

Some 60 Kenyan students are set to travel to Russia for studies after being awarded scholarships courtesy of the Russian government.

The students will take different courses in certificate, undergraduate, diploma and degree. They will also be required to study the Russian language during their first year of study.

Speaking during a pre-departure briefing for the 2023 applicants at Heron Hotel, Russian ambassador to Kenya Dmitry Maksimychev said the move will strengthen public diplomacy and relations with Kenya.

“The best way to establish good relations is direct people-to-people relations. And this is an excellent opportunity for this,” Maksimychev said.

“The students will be exposed to the Russian culture and have a chance to expose their Russian friends to the Kenyan and African culture as well.”

He urged the students to use the opportunity to their advantage and come up with broad ideas that can be used to transform Kenya.

“I wish you well and hope that once you graduate from universities across Russia, you will come back and make a contribution to the comprehensive development of your wonderful country,” Maksimychev said.

He said in the last five years, Russian government scholarships have tripled and they are working to further increase the number.

“In 2018 we began from less than 20 places for students from Kenya in Russian higher education institutions. I want to assure all guests present that this job will be continued,” Maksimychev said.

The Ambassador further announced that they will be opening the Russian Centre for Open Education in Nairobi starting in September.

He said the centre will provide Russian language courses for more than 300 Kenyans free of charge.

“We will be admitting 300 people to learn Russian language courses which would facilitate the induction of the Kenyan students if they decided to join the universities or to apply for scholarships. It would be easier for them and those courses are free,” Maksimychev said.

“You will have a certificate officially certifying that you have a certain knowledge of Russia and its languages. It will be a measure of support for those willing to study in Russia.”

In addition, he said they will be doing a second intake of online Russian language courses for more than 200 students.

Interested applicants have been urged to visit the Embassy’s Twitter page to avoid missing the chance.

“Tell your friends to follow the Embassy’s social media (mainly Twitter) in order not to miss their chance and get priority during competitive selection for scholarships in 2024. The admission will be done on a first come first served basis,” Maksimychev said.

Source: The Star