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61 Migrants Drown Off Libyan Coast: IOM

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Saturday that 61 migrants have drowned at sea off the coast of the western Libyan city of Zuwara, some 120 km west of the capital Tripoli, while trying to reach Europe.

IOM tweeted late Saturday that the migrants, including women and children, drowned following a tragic shipwreck off Libya.

Around 86 people were onboard the boat when it left the Libyan shores from Zuwara, the IOM cited survivors as saying.

“The central Mediterranean continues to be one of the world’s most dangerous migration routes,” IOM noted.

Libya has become a preferred point of departure for thousands of illegal immigrants who attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea to reach European shores.

According to IOM, a total of 15,383 illegal migrants were rescued and returned to Libya so far this year.

Source: Xinhua