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Firm Decries Africa’s Poor Blockchain Adoption

An indigenous technology firm, UNICCON Group, has decried the poor inclusion and adoption of blockchain technology in Africa.

The firm said Africa has less than five per cent stake in the projected $1.1tn blockchain industry.

Speaking during the unveiling of the SmartAfri Labs in Abuja, the Chairman of the Group, Chuks Ekwueme, said the application was launched to drive the inclusion of Africans in blockchain technology.

He said, “Africa has less than a five per cent stake in the projected $1.1tn the industry promises. We have created technology and platforms to drive inclusion by up to 25 per cent by the year 2025.

“Our VR headsets for example are more affordable and will not exclude poor Africans from using the technology.

“It is erroneous to view blockchain technology as being crypto. It is much more than that, and that notion should be vacated. We have built this platform, which is a fusion of Web 2.0 and 3.0 and we are keen on being key participants in the 4IR.”

He added that “There is a huge market in our NFT marketplace as Nigerians and Africans from the creative and other industries can tap into it to generate wealth and add to the GDP.”

Also, the General Manager of the company, Kehinde Ake, said SmartAfri Labs will offer improved levels of security, transparency, and efficiency, granting users the ability to transfer assets, save data, and carry out smart contracts in a decentralised and fraud-proof network.

“We have created this technology to allow Africans to stand tall, raise their heads, spread their shoulders, and take giant strides in an ecosystem that was once alien to them,” He said.

Source: Punch