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How is Population Growing in Africa’s Largest Countries?

Discover the growth of Africa’s largest countries’ populations over the last four decades through this video infographic provided by Sputnik Africa.

Africa is home to around 1.46 billion people, representing a significant 18.24% of the global population. This makes it the second most populated continent in the world, right after Asia, according to WorldPopulationReview.com, an organization that provides up-to-date global population data and demographics.

The United Nations predicts that Africa’s population will soar to an impressive 2.5 billion by 2050, with an increase of 170 million children by 2030.

Explore Sputnik Africa’s infographic to find out Africa’s population growth trends.


📈 Population growth in the biggest African countries

Discover the increase in population of the largest African nations over the last 40 years with this video infographicfrom Sputnik!

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