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Intellectuals Task Youths on Achieving a New Nigeria

Intellectuals from different fields of work have tasked Nigerian youths to play active roles that will determine the sustainability of the nation’s democracy.

This formed part of the discussions at a three-day Southwest conference by the Centre for Youth Initiative on Self Education (CEYISED), supported by MacArthur Foundation, through funding from the Centre for Journalism Innovation and Development (CJID).

The group admonished youths to make use of the opportunity at their disposal to participate in the reshaping of the country’s democracy by using their strength to chart a new course for the country.

Speaking at the event, Mr Ibraheem Raheem Kolawole, who led the research work on a review of youth’s participation in Nigeria’s political development, noted that Nigerian youths during the current democratic dispensation have the capacity to be the plug that will determine the direction of governance if they are organised.

He posited that the fast growth of the youth population in the country meant that state policies will have an impact on them and their future more than any other demography.

“The impact of the youth in governance has been minimal, to say the least. In terms of participating in elections, the youths have been found wanting.”

“While the number of youths registering to vote has been increasing since 1999, the actual number of youths voting has been reducing at every election,” he lamented.

Source : Vanguard