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Kiev: Serbia refused to send weapons to Moscow

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, Kirillo Budanov, said that the Serbian government refused to send weapons to Moscow in light of the ongoing Russian military operation in Ukraine, while Russian forces continued their offensive in eastern Ukraine.

The head of the Ukrainian intelligence service noted that many in Moscow were expecting to receive weapons from Serbia. “Russia is trying to buy anything from anywhere, because its problems are really big. And Serbia, on which everyone in Russia had high hopes, refused to send them weapons,” he said, according to Ukraine’s national news agency Ukrinform.

“In fact, almost the only country that actually transfers weapons to Russia is Iran, and there were reports that something was coming from North Korea, but we don’t have confirmation of that. There is not a single case that we record,” Budanov explained in an interview with Voice of America. In it, some of the weapons came from North Korea, or maybe we haven’t noticed them yet.”

“Russian leaders clearly understand the main thing: that nuclear weapons are not weapons, but a means of strategic deterrence, and that the use of a nuclear deterrent by anyone in the world will lead to catastrophic consequences for everyone who does,” Budanov said.

source: darelhilal