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Madagascar Airlines to Receive Former Congo Airways E190-E2

Madagascar Airlines is gearing up to welcome its first E190-E2 aircraft, marking a significant milestone in the airline’s expansion plans. However, the aircraft, scheduled for delivery in September, holds a fascinating history as it was initially intended for Congo Airways but encountered a series of twists in its journey.

According to planespotters.net, the E190-E2, bearing the serial number 19020016, first took to the skies on October 22, 2021, and was originally associated with the Chinese carrier Fuzhou Airlines. Subsequently, it made its way to Astana Airlines before ultimately being destined for Congo Airways.

However, Embraer withdrew Congo Airways’ orders from its backlog during the second quarter of last year, leaving the aircraft without a home. Despite being adorned with Congo’s state carrier livery and carrying the provisional registration PR-ERQ, the aircraft found itself without a final destination.

Congo Airways originally ordered two E175 jets in 2019 but changed the contract by replacing the model with the larger E190-E2. In 2021, it exercised the option to purchase two aircraft, opting for the E195-E2.

Fortunately, Madagascar Airlines has emerged as the new operator for this aircraft, becoming part of the airline’s expansion plans. The Malagasy government revealed that the E190-E2 for Madagascar Airlines is one of three aircraft owned by US leasing company Azorra Aviation.

As the E190-E2 awaits its delayed delivery to Madagascar Airlines, it returned to Brazilian skies in June, possibly undergoing preparations for the upcoming transfer.

The acquisition of these E190-E2s forms a crucial part of Madagascar Airlines’ growth strategy, which includes expanding its domestic and international network, introducing new routes, and enhancing its overall operational efficiency.

The Embraer E2 family has already made a notable impact on the African continent, with Air Peace from Nigeria being an existing operator. Now, Madagascar Airlines is set to join the league of carriers benefiting from the E2’s exceptional performance and fuel efficiency.

Source: Airspace Africa