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Morocco Donates 100 Tons of Fertilizer to El Salvador

Morocco has donated 100 tons of fertilizer to El Salvador to support the country’s agricultural development, according to an announcement made Wednesday by the government of this Central American country.

The shipment arrived at the port of Acajutla wherein the fertilizer was placed in a storage facility ahead of its distribution to farmers.

Salvadoran Deputy Foreign Minister Adriana Mira and Minister of Agriculture Oscar Guardado as well as Morocco’s Deputy Chief of Mission in El Salvador, Brahim Baddi, attended a ceremony held on this occasion.

The Moroccan diplomat said this donation reflects the strong diplomatic ties existing between the two countries, and is a token of solidarity.

Last year, Vice President of El Salvador Felix Ulloa visited Morocco and expressed his country’s firm support for the Kingdom’s territorial integrity, affirming that the autonomy plan is the “only solution” to the Sahara regional dispute.

Last October, El Salvador opened an embassy in Rabat, the first in the African continent. The move shows San Salvador’s strong desire to advance relations with Rabat, setting a bridge between Africa and Latin America.

During his visit to the North African Kingdom, the Vice-President of El Salvador had voiced his country’s desire to strengthen cooperation ties with Morocco, especially in the fields of agriculture, fishing, renewable energies and security.

Source: The North Africa Post