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Rwanda to Plant 2 Mln Trees Around Health Facilities

The Rwandan Ministry of Health announced Sunday a tree planting campaign aiming to plant 2 million trees in and around health facilities in the country.

In a video posted on social network X, the Minister of Health Sabin Nsanzimana said the initiative dubbed “green hospital” is aimed at transforming health facilities into green spaces that champion both environmental protection and improved health outcomes.

He said trees will be planted in and around 56 hospitals, 514 health centers and 1,252 health posts across the country.

“Some 20,000 trees have so far been planted countrywide and we still have a long way to go against the target of reaching 2 million trees. The reason for this campaign is that it is no longer a secret, research has shown that trees, green spaces have a healing power,” he said.

“In health facilities surrounded by trees and green spaces patients are discharged two days earlier than the recommended time. Trees also are stress relievers because they provide fresh air for our bodies.”

The exercise launched in Bugesera district will be implemented together with the Rwandan Ministry of Environment.

The latest drive is in line with the Rwanda government efforts to tackle climate change.

Rwanda has committed to plant 63 million trees by the end of 2023 to promote environment conservation and climate adaptation, according to the Ministry of Environment.

Due to efforts aimed to protect existing forests and reforestation, more than 30 percent of Rwanda’s surface is covered by forests, equivalent to 724,695 hectares, according to the ministry’s data.

Source: Xinhua