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Sanctioned Zimbabwe and Cuba Vow Cooperation, Expanding Economic Ties

Zimbabwe and Cuba are in discussions to set up a “mutually beneficial economic framework,” Zimbabwe’s state-owned The Herald reported on Thursday.

The newspaper said the two countries will look to upscale their “cordial” political relationship by expanding economic ties for the benefit of the two sanctioned countries’ people, citing Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Cuba Paul Chikawa.

The news comes just before the G77+China summit set to be held in Havana, Cuba, in which the sub-Saharan African country will take part.

According to The Herald, Zimbabwe will look to improve its healthcare system by tapping into Cuba’s “excellent” sector.

“Relations between Zimbabwe and Cuba go back beyond 1980 because Cuba was one of those countries that saw it fit to support our [Zimbabwe’s] liberation struggle,” Chikawa said.

The diplomat pointed to the strong relations between the two countries, adding that they are looking to expand cooperation in the pharmaceuticals sector.

Chikawa said Zimbabwe hopes to produce veterinary and human vaccines, as well as medicines via joint efforts with Cuba.

Furthermore, Cuba has deployed 14 medical brigades consisting of 15 medical experts who are spread across Zimbabwe, and it has also sent academics and specialists to train doctors in the country.

Source: The Zimbabwean