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Spanish Companies Claim Damages From Algeria Sanctions

Dozens of Spanish businesses are claiming damages due to the sanctions Algeria has imposed on Spain, El Espanol reported on Monday.

The firms, which united under the banner of “The Association of Algeria Crisis Companies,” are seeking damages from Pedro Sanchez’s government to the tune of 300 million euros, according to the Spanish outlet.

Discussions on the formation of this alliance date back to February, when small business owners complained of the effects of Algeria’s decision to prohibit them from conducting business within its borders.

Algeria had blocked all trade with Spain after the Spanish government supported Morocco’s Autonomy Plan as the most serious and credible basis to end the Western Sahara dispute.

The blockade has reportedly cost Spain more than 900 million euros, seriously affecting regions such as Valencia which had the most substantial exports to Algeria.

These effects have led Madrid to pursue talks with the European Commission to implement aid packages for the companies affected by the Algerian blockade. Spain’s government reported more than 150 cases of blockade against companies since June 2022.

Despite attempts by Spanish officials to get the EU to take a stand on the issue, they seem hesitant to pick a diplomatic fight with Algeria as the North African country becomes one of their energy partners in light of the EU’s sanctions on Russia.

The blockades have also had knock-on effects on other European countries, due to the links between the various supply chains in North Africa and Europe.

Speaking to Europa Press in January, Spain’s Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares suggested that the Algerian government is unilaterally responsible for prompting the blockade and freezing the friendship treaty between Madrid and Algiers.

The 20-year treaty had ensured cooperation in trade, migration, and other sectors between the two countries, but was unilaterally suspended by Algeria after Spain endorsed Morocco’s Western Sahara stance and took further steps to mend its ties with Rabat.

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