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Tajik judokas go to the Grand Slam in Tashkent: the winner will receive 5 thousand euros

The composition of the Tajikistan national judo team has been determined, which will compete in the Grand Slam tournament in Tashkent on March 3-5.

The head coach of the Tajik judo team Tamura Tori included the following judokas in the team: Muhammadsoleh Kuvvatov (up to 60 kg), Emomali Nurali, Shahboz Saidabrorov (up to 66 kg), Bekhruz Khodjazoda, Makhmadsharif Najmiddinov (up to 73 kg), Somon Makhmadbekov, Mukhammadjon Abdujalilov ( up to 81 kg), Jahongir Majidov, Komronshoh Ustopiriyon (up to 90 kg), Ibrokhim Elmurodov, Temur Rakhimov (over 100 kg), Shukron Karchieva (up to 48 kg), Shohid Kalandarova (up to 57 kg).

According to the National Judo Federation, in order to prepare for this tournament, the national team of Tajikistan, led by Japanese specialist Tamura Tori, went through a 10-day training camp in Dushanbe. Athletes from the judo club “Mori” in the city of Irkutsk (RF) also took part in the training.

According to the competition calendar, judokas in the weight categories up to 60 and 66 kg, as well as in the women’s categories up to 48, 52 and 57 kg, will perform in Tashkent on the first day.

Winners and prize-winners up to 73 and 81 kg among men, up to 63 and 70 kg among women will be determined on the second day of the Grand Slam.

All other weight categories will be presented on the last day of the tournament – March 5.

The prize fund of the tournament will be €154,000, according to the Judo Federation of Uzbekistan. 23 national teams will take part in it. Athletes will compete for rating points for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

The winners of the tournament in each weight category will receive 5,000 euros, the winners of silver medals – 3,000 euros each, bronze medalists – 1,500 euros each.

In 2023, a number of major judo competitions are expected in the world of judo, among them Grand Slam tournaments, Grand Prix and Masters. But the main ones are the World Championship in Doha (Qatar), scheduled for May 7-14, and the World Youth Championship in Coimbra (Portugal) on October 4-8.

The 2023 IJF World Tour competition calendar for the first time includes the Dushanbe Grand Prix tournament, which will be held June 2-4.

source: asiaplustj