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Teachers Demand US$1k Salary, Threaten Job Action

TEACHERS have threatened to down tools over meagre salaries which they have described as “poverty packages.”

In a statement Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (Artuz) said while other civil servants got salary increments theirs has remained the same despite several requests made to government.

“Artuz maintains position on incapacitation and demand for a living wage as teachers bemoan poverty packages disguised as salaries. 

“Nurses now earn in excess of ZW$600k whilst some latest payslips of teachers reflect figures below ZW$100k. Of particular note a teacher is taken to court for failing to look after his family in a move where the victim is being punished for not earning enough,” reads the statement.

According to the statement, an online survey conducted by the union revealed the pay gap was frustrating teachers.

“Worse is the fact that what a teacher earns is not sufficient to match the basket of needs and standard cost of living which are estimated to be close to US $1 000 going up for a family of four and our salaries have been eroded by inflation. 

“Hence, we demand a 100% US dollar component of salary and an upward review amounting to US $1260,” said the union.

Artuz added that teachers have been too generous with their labour and “it’s time that we get what we deserve.”

Teachers have been complaining over poor remuneration for years but little to no action has been taken.

This has resulted in government schools pupils missing a good part of each term when teachers strike.

Source: New Zimbabwe