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Trout farms in Tajikistan suffered from abnormal frosts

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More than a million fish died in Tajikistan due to January frosts. Farms that breed trout have suffered the most . Now they are actively restoring the population. Will manufacturers be able to return to their previous indicators, Karina Narzikulova, correspondent of MIR 24, found out.

Gold, amber, river – each weighing up to three kilograms, and this is not the limit. And this trout is only a few months old – it needs special care: frequent feeding and water temperature not lower than 18 degrees.

Now the houses, that is, the pools, are literally teeming with fish, and more recently, when frosts reached minus 30, the farm could lose its entire population.

The water that enters the reservoirs from the river froze in a matter of hours. Under the ice, the fish were left without food. The workers broke the ice manually and even with an excavator, constantly cleaning the pipes.

The farm worker Abdurauf Jabborov has been working since the founding of the land, he will not remember such cold weather before.

A little less than a month ago, these houses were covered with ice, and now there are so many fish that any inexperienced fisherman will be able to catch them.

More than 100 tons of trout have already been delivered to domestic markets. Frosts did not affect the pricing policy. A kilogram of trout will cost an average of 70 somoni, which is about 500 Russian rubles.

And more than one million trout fry have already been prepared in the incubator. New varieties were brought from Denmark and Iran. After 10 days they will be released into a large pool. In spring, the season of fishing tourism begins in some fish lands of the republic.

Trout, carp, silver carp and grass carp are grown in the fisheries of Tajikistan.

source: mir24