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War in Ukraine: Hungary revolts against the European Union and supports China’s peace plan

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban gestures as he addresses an annual press conference in Budapest on December 21, 2022, prior to the government's last meeting of the year 2022. (Photo by Attila KISBENEDEK / AFP)

In a speech given on February 27 in the Hungarian Parliament, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, took the opposite view from the West, by openly announcing his support for the Chinese peace plan to end the war in Ukraine.

Has Hungary become a pebble in the shoe of the West? In any case, if for the moment there is nothing to say so, one thing is certain: the war in Ukraine has cast a chill over relations between Budapest and its Western neighbors and further distances this country from the European Union from which it is a member.

And for good reason! Recent statements by Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, have only worsened an already deleterious situation. And the strong man from kyiv is not ready to soften his tone against his European neighbors. At least that’s what Politico told us .

According to this source, Viktor Orban’s Hungary, against all odds, has once again stood out from the European Union and the United States by supporting the peace initiative that China wants to put in place for a resolution peaceful and immediate conflict. An initiative rejected by the West.

The Hungarian minister made his remarks this Monday, February 27 during a speech given in Parliament. “We consider China’s peace plan to be important and we support it,” he openly declared, adding that he wants his country to stay away from this war by not delivering any weapons to China. Ukraine.

Orban’s speech was relayed by several Hungarian media including Telex.hu . The words of the Hungarian Prime Minister broadcast by this media are straightforward. “The Hungarian position is morally and politically correct and also reasonable: the essence of the Hungarian position is that a ceasefire should be achieved as soon as possible,” suggests Orban.

Addressing the European elite, Viktor Orban does not mince his words. “We are the only country in the European Union that is neither Ukrainian nor Russian, but our people are dying in the war. We are among the victims and Brussels should respect that, ”he denounces.

On the sanctions imposed on Russia, the Hungarian Prime Minister expresses his great disappointment. “They are badly planned, badly designed, badly executed and we are going to suffer from those consequences. But, then why do they take them (these sanctions, editor’s note)? he wonders.

Orban believes that these sanctions only benefit speculators: “And now the speculators come into action. They take advantage of this opportunity. They knew there would be a rise in energy prices and they raised a lot of money to bet? And who are these profiteers? George Soros and the others who wander around the world”.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that Viktor Orban has made comments that embarrass Brussels. This February 17 in Budapest, during a speech to the nation, he accused the European Union of prolonging the war in Ukraine. “When Russia attacked, the West did not isolate the conflict. On the contrary, it elevated the conflict to a pan-European level. The war in Ukraine is not a conflict of armies of good guys and bad guys, but between two Slavic countries fighting each other. This is their war, not ours,” he said.

In his speech, which lasted more than an hour, the Hungarian Prime Minister was very clear. He categorically refuses to sever his ties with Putin’s Russia. “We maintain our economic relations with Russia and in fact we recommend that all of the West do the same because without relations there will be no ceasefire or peace talks”, insists – he.

source: lecourrier-du-soir