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Witness Narrates Seeing Chiwenga’s Blood Stains After Ex-Wife’s Hospital Visit in South Africa

A NURSE and presidential guard who was part of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s crew when he was hospitalised in South Africa made revelations that his ex-wife, Marry Mubaiwa, gave them a torrid time at the hospital.

Warren Sibanda, who was the first witness to be called in Marry Mubaiwa’s attempted murder trial said the former model was in the habit of visiting her husband during odd hours.

This emerged when Mubaiwa’s trial kick started before Harare magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka.

Mubaiwa refused to plead.

Sibanda said visiting hours ended at 6 pm but Mubaiwa would come hours after.

“She (Mubaiwa)would come around 10pm and she would be in the company of one Doctor Bruce.

“When she came she would ask us to leave the hospital room, saying she wanted privacy,” he said.

Sibanda was the one who would bath Chiwenga and change his clothes.

He told court that he did not witness Mubaiwa moving her husband from his hospital bed as alleged but he saw blood stains on the door and Chiwenga’s t-shirt.

He said Chiwenga had been moved to the front.

“In the state he was in, he would not have been able to get off the bed by himself. After that incident, whenever the accused person would ask for privacy we, the security team and doctors would refuse to leave,” he said.

An arrangement was finally made for Chiwenga to be treated in China and Mubaiwa was to return home.

When Chiwenga was eventually flown to China, the former model detained Chiwenga’s security at a South African airport, delaying the flight by two hours.

Sibanda said South African Police Services had to intervene.

According to Sibanda, Mubaiwa also delayed hospitalisation of her ex-husband by two days in South Africa.

He said when they left Zimbabwe after Chiwenga fell sick, they were supposed to head to a South African hospital in Pretoria but Mubaiwa booked them at a hotel instead.

“The accused was directing us and we then found ourselves at the basement of a Sheraton hotel in Pretoria. I then asked Doctor Mangwiro where we were and he told us that we were at Sheraton Pretoria. I thought maybe we were at the hospital.”

Sibanda said Mangwiro told him that Mubaiwa was now directing the arrangements.

The following day they took Chiwenga to hospital against his wife’s wishes.

“She was shouting at everyone present.

“There were a lot of exchanges but at times you might forget other things she was saying. At the hospital, the following pipe was plugged on his ribs to remove water from the lungs.”

At NetCare Chiwenga was removed from the ICU unit cubicles to a more private ICU unit.

Mubaiwa spent the day at the courts after seeking recusal of the magistrate with no luck.

Source: New Zimbabwe