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Aller Aqua Subsidiary in Egypt Wins National Export Award

Aller Aqua’s subsidiary in Egypt has been honored with a national export award from the Danish government.

The Christiansfield, Denmark-based aquaculture feed producer announced its Egyptian operation, and its CEO Hussien Mansour, were the recipients of the H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik’s Business Excellence Award.

The award, one of three awarded in 2023, were jointly presented by the Royal Danish Court, the Danish Export Association, and the Danish Trade Council, “to honor the extraordinary export efforts that promote Danish strengths, contribute to the spread of sustainable solutions, and create jobs in Denmark and abroad.”

Winners must demonstrate economic impact and penetration of a new market, provide or implement sustainable solutions, and make an extraordinary effort to promote Danish strengths globally, according to a press release. The awards were presented by Denmark Crown Prince Frederik at a ceremony at Amalienborg Palace on Friday, 25 August.

“Receiving this award serves as a proud milestone, reflecting the power of unity, hard work, and a collective commitment to excellence,” Aller Aqua said in a press release.

According to Aller Aqua’s nomination, through its Egyptian subsidiary, Aller Aqua “has contributed to creating a sustainable food base for the Egyptian population, while at the same time improving the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of the aquaculture industry through knowledge sharing and partnerships.”

Mansour became CEO of the subsidiary in 2011. Under his leadership, Aller Aqua Egypt has raised the standard of working conditions for its 110 employees while expanding production capacity by 300 percent since 2009. It is now planning a fourth expansion to continue to meet growing demand from Egypt’s aquaculture sector for its fish feed.

“Hussien Mansour’s receipt of the royal honorary award is fully deserved. From day one, we have worked together positively. We have overcome extreme challenges, including the revolution back in 2011 and later huge economic challenges in Egypt,” Aller Aqua Egypt Chairman and Group Vice President Henrik T. Halken said. “Hussien has always been open, positive, and cooperative at all levels of our organization. I see this business award as the most beautiful example of what can be achieved in a company when we bring together people from different cultures, join forces, work hard, and always keep the momentum,”

In addition to his duties at Aller Aqua, Mansour has served as chairman of the Danish Business Club Cairo, “helping Danish companies connect with Egyptian authorities and organizations [and] paving the way for even more Danish export to the country,” Halken said.

Source: Seafood Source